Donald Trump's not having it too good these days. He has been caught saying some of the vilest things in the past few months, but ever since he announced his plan to ban Muslims from entering the US, rebuttals and jokes have escalated. He has famously wanted to block migrants from Mexico too, with the ingenious plan of building a big wall on the country's southern border.

Not the brightest star in the US Presidential galaxy, Trump is largely abhorred for his anti migrant sentiment. In an interview to Studio 10, veteran Hollywood actor Harrison Ford mocks the fact that Trump is running to be the president with the quip, "Oh I thought it was resident."

When the anchor tells Ford that Trump is his fan and really appreciates how he stood up for America in the film Air Force One, Ford responds, "Donald it was a movie, it's not like this in real life, but how would you know?"

The Republican Presidential candidate, who has made statements like: "The Beauty of me is that I'm very rich," is not rated too favourably worldwide, but in the Republican camp, he is so far leading the polls. US media reports said that in a poll that asked voters if they would support bombing Agrabah – the fictional city from the Disney classic Aladdin, 41% of Trump supporters responded yes.