Confused by the sudden spate of Facebook notifications telling you that some of your friends have "voiced their opinion about Free Basics"?So are we. And what have your friends said anyway? Are they in favour or against Free Basics?Most important: what IS Free Basics?

As the AIB's video above – third in its series titled Save The Internet – tells you, this is the new name for And Facebook is running a campaign to get to email their support for the movement to the TRAI (Telephone Regulatory Authority of India).

The way many experts see it – and AIB explains – this isn't exactly net neutrality, the principle that ensures that we should be able to access any website without either roadblocks or incentives from the companies that connect us to the Internet.

In the new avatar, Facebook has tried to debunk the "myths" against their "philanthropic initiative", which it says is not in violation of net neutrality. Here's its explanation:

AIB attempts to explain the many things being said in favour of and against Free Basics. For instance, Facebook claims that Free Basics supports net neutrality as "anyone can join their platform". But Facebook also has the right to "reject participants who want to join Free Basics."

Another aspect of Free Basics that AIB points to is that it does not allow VOIP or streaming – which means, no Internet calls, no videos. So, they argue, it isn't so much about "digital equality" as it's about "digital equality that doesn't mess with telcos' interests."