A gurudwara in Turlock City, California – a contested site between Sikh groups in the area since 2013 – saw a brawl break out on Sunday. The video above shows people actually using pepper spray, wooden sticks and any other object they could get their hands on to attack one another. The police had to intervene to pacify the situation.

Shot on a mobile phone, the video was released by a news website, Sikh24.

The gurudwara saw a major fight break out in 2013 as well, which led to it being nicknamed the "belt gurudwara", for a belt used as a weapon then. A Turlock Journal report says, "According to court documents, a rift developed between two factions of the temple over the decision of the board of directors to terminate the contract of Attar Singh, a priest of the temple. The disagreement turned physical on June 2, 2013, when a fight broke out in front of the temple."

Sunday's violence was sparked by the same leadership tussle, with both factions carrying court documents and claiming their right to conduct the collection of donations and giving out receipts.

Preet Singh, a member of the congregation, was quoted by the news website Fox40 as saying, "There were minor injuries to two babies and at least five men, but, according to the police, no one was hospitalised and they couldn't confirm the ages or the exact number of people hurt."

The gurudwara, a religious non-profit organisation, has existed since 1985. The construction of a new temple began in 2006 and was completed in April 2011. When plans for expansion were made, the dispute began.

The details of the conflict can be read in detail here.