Fluids work weirdly in space, they climb the walls of their containers, turn corners, and perform other maneuvers that defy earthly expectations.

So how then do astronauts drink coffee? By adding hot water to a sealed plastic bag with freeze dried coffee that they suck through a straw.

In the video above astronaut Tim Peake of the European Space Agency demonstrates just that.

Astronauts give up a lot when they go into space for the sake of science: no hot water showers, no fresh food, no walk to stretch their legs, among the immediate few that come to mind. And while the straw and bag thing works, it's not the same as sitting back and enjoying a hot cuppa.

America's National Aeronatuics and Space Administration has tried to amend that. On April 20th last year the Space X rocket Falcon 9 delivered an anti-gravity coffee machine called ISSpresso, along with six anti-gravity cups for astronauts to enjoy coffee in the way they would on earth.