Before Alan Rickman's untimely death on January 14, among his last public projects was the video above. He gave voice to the cute video of a tortoise nibbling on a strawberry in the hope of creating a viral video, as he explicitly states in the voiceover.

Part of an Oxford University Student's Union 'Raise and Give' initiative called OneClickGiving, it works on the idea that the more clicks the video gets, the more advertising revenue YouTube will generate. As with any other video on YouTube, a cut from the total amount is given to the uploader, which in this case, the organisation then gives towards relief for refugees. The two charities linked with this are Save the Children and the Refugee Council.

Released on December 13 last year, the first one in what will possibly be a longer series, it has over three million views already. By watching it you help raise funds for refugees and get to see what happens when a tortoise and a strawberry come face to face.