On Wednesday Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and all round space man, came on the Daily Show responding to show host Larry Wilmore's "Code red science emergency". The emergency? An American rapper, B.o.B who has been on a Twitter rant asserting the Earth's flatness because he can't see its curvature. Since there is a whole community of people who believe that the Earth is flat, he had some support.

Tyson, who appeared to have been called in mid-dinner, took off his jacket, explained things to B.o.B about how the earth isn't flat, dissing him on his size, and dropped the mic, adding the last flourish, "By the way this is called gravity."

It was B.o.B who started it. He recently put out a "diss" track aimed at Tyson called Flatline.


To which Tyson responded with a track of his own, called Flat to Fact.

The rapper is beginning to look just a little crazy to most people right now. He even put out a tweet on how he isn't doing any other drugs besides weed.

The singer's Twitter feed from when he started with his theorising, is a goldmine in silliness. He has put in pictures to prove the earth's flatness

This unreal turn of events is reminiscent of the time Tyson appeared (not really) on an Epic Rap Battle with Isaac Newton and Bill Nye.

"The universe may be infinite, but this battle's finished."