Jawaharlal Nehru University has split opinion in the country all over again, much like the tolerance / intolerance saga from 2015. And now, a Youtube channel named "I support Narendra Modi" has put out a pro-Establishment video campaign tagged #iWillNotTolerate to tell "the world about what you will not tolerate in India."

The campaign is trending on Twitter, and several indignant videos are out alreay, like this one where a young woman says, "Want freedom for Kashmir? I will not tolerate."

Here are people will not tolerate "anti-nationals".

Some Bharatiya Janata Party members too have put out videos. Like the one below by Nupur Sharma – former ABVP leader – in which she says she won't tolerate the destruction of her house.

Some people replaced videos with pictures and memes. The one below, inexplicably, is against certain journalists.

Commenting on the violence against journalists outside the Patiala House Court, this tweet seems to imply that we should tolerate it.