Nano, a 20-year old woman from Norway, is certain that she was born into entirely the wrong species.

The video above is an actual report on her, published on the youtube channel NRK P3 Verdens Rikeste Land. Nano, dressed as a cat, tail and all, tells the reporter why she thinks she is cat – she can see and hear better in the dark, hisses at dogs, likes walking on all fours and sleeping in the sink or the windowsill, and doesn't car for water.

In case you are wondering if she has caught a mouse yet, she hasn't, though it's not for lack of trying.

She has a friend, a young man named Svein, who though not a cat, has a few personalities, one of which is a cat. "He is human, but has someone in his head that is a cat, and I am born a cat."

In one of the weirder moments in this already not-quite-normal video, the reporter's question on "what is cat language for "come on let's go?", the answer is a nonchalant "meow, meow, meow".

There are more people like Nano out there who don't identify as human, but more with their animal selves. The phenomenon has been increasing on Tumblr, a report on Vice says.