Kanhaiya Kumar's rousing speech after his release from jail earned not just adulation also threats and challenges. One man offered a bounty of Rs 11 lakh for Kanhaiya's head, while a 15-year-old girl challenged him to a debate over the Modi government. Anupam Kher, of course, thinks he is a traitor.

Speaking at the teach-in on nationalism that the University has been conducting since the controversy broke out, Kumar reacted to the firehose of condemnation (video above). He says, "We thought the media would get over the JNU issue, but looks like the BJP will fight the UP elections on the JNU issue this time. That sort of environment is being created".

As for the challenge from the 15-year-old Jhanvi Behal from Ludhiana, Kanhaiya wished her luck, saying that instead of him, she should get to debate with the US presidential candidates.

"Anupam Kher is reacting to me as if I have taken his farm from him," Kahaiya jokes. "I like him as an actor, but am opposed to his politics."

"The way he is attacking us, that's against democracy. To silence those whose opinion differs from yours is completely against democracy."

He talks about continuing the demand for an increase in fellowships, about the report of the non-NET review committee which was due in December 2015, and about justice for Rohith Vemula.

"We will return to our key issues – education and jobs for everyone, we won't let that dilute." he says. "These nationalism classes are more necessary for those against the University. I appeal to them to come forward and take a class on nationalism. We want to know how they perceive nationalism."