It’s a truth universally acknowledged that though periods are a thing, they're still uncomfortable. You are not supposed to bring the subject up in company. The ads for products related to them are often unsure, and the experience of buying sanitary napkins is not as carefree as some people would have you believe.

Comedian Aditi Mittal jokes about precisely this (video above).

"I have realised that saying the word sanitary napkins in public is like standing in a Hogwarts common room and saying 'Voldemort'", she says. "Cause immediately everyone's like chhee what's wrong with her, why is she talking about that which must not be named?"

Mittal takes potshots at many ads claiming to channel the resources of scientists to provide perfect protection. Solve other, more important, problems, she suggests to the people of science. 'It's not such a big problem, white pants, white pants, just wear black pants during those days.'

A reprised version of an older act, Mittal's performance also targets some other curiosities about sanitary napkins – such as the intricate birds-and-bees-branches patterns on the top sheet of the pad.

She jokes that soon there’ll be sanitary napkins “Lady Bits”, with a top layer designed by Manish Malhotra.