On March 5, at the annual poetry event named Shankar-Shad Mushaira, poet, scientist and filmmaker Gauhar Raza recited some nazms. He may not have expected them to have earned him the epithet of anti-national. Not even from Zee News.

The video above, presented without any editing, shows Raza reciting poetry with references to several events of the past few months, including, the ban on beef, the award wapsi episodes, and Kanhaiya Kumar.

The audience can be heard applauding and cheering him on.

The beautifully worded nazm was packaged by Zee News with the heading "Poetry Night On The Love For Afzal Guru Gang".

Edited in the sensationalist style of many news channels, it asks, among several other questions: “Why the attempt to valorise Kanhaiya and company?” A clear attempt to raise the pitch.