Pakistani duo Zeb and Haniya have released a new song (video above) as a tribute to victims of Sunday's bomb blast in their hometown.

"It's a song conceived as a lullaby to the nation and a video as an exploration of Lahore's past, present and future," the musicians said on their Facebook page. "This is for both Lahore and Pakistan, for resilience amidst the darkest of times."

On Easter Sunday, a bomb blast ripped through a playground in Lahore, killing at least 70 people, mostly women and children.

"In light of the recent tragic events in Lahore – a city we have come to call our home – the scale and depth of the tragedy has caused us to struggle with how to grieve those whom we have lost and to grieve with those they have left behind," the musicians said.

The duo put out the song sooner they planned to, in light of the tragedy. "This is a song and video that is very special to those who worked on it with us and has fermented over a long time," they wrote. "We had planned a commercial release for later in the year but in light of the recent events in Lahore, we have decided to share it with you now."