Protests broke out in Bengaluru on Thursday over the repeated leaks of the Chemistry question paper for Class 12 exams. The second Pre-University Chemistry exam, which was scheduled for the day, was cancelled after the reported leak.

Students and parents protested outside the Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE) and pelted stones at the PUC building, demanding the resignation of Education Minister K Ratnakar, DNA reported.

In the video above, released by ANI, an angry student says that their futures are being played with. "When you put a re-exam, can't you protect a single question paper?... What is the chance that even the third question paper won't leak?... We want them to correct the first question paper. We are not going to write any more re-exams," she says.

"This is my bloody effing future..." the student fumes.

The PUC examination took place on March 21, and the re-examination was scheduled once the news of the leak became public.

The question paper was passed around on Whatsapp and, according to a report in Bangalore Mirror, the investigators were waiting for the students to complete the March 31 scheduled PU II chemistry re-exam to begin their "reverse probe" to track the main culprit.