The visiting British royalty was in the news – but not in the way you'd imagine. To milk what it thought was a newsy moment or two, The Times of India and several others put out a picture of Kate Middleton having a “Marilyn Monroe moment”.

Not unexpectedly, India's leading English language newspaper had to take some flak for what was considered an inappropriate insistence on skin-show. And that brought to mind this sketch by comedy troupe AIB, pulled up from the archives, where it depicted an imaginary editorial meeting of a newspaper called Times of Boobs function.

The trigger back then in 2014 was a photograph that The Times of India had published of picture of Deepika Padukone, calling attention to her cleavage – leading to an exchange of words with the actor. Many Twitter users referenced the AIB sketch in light of the photographs of Kate Middleton.

The group's defence was that the image was provided by Getty Images, and that they weren't the only ones. It was mostly the foreign press that did the rest of the sexist reporting, with the Daily Mail even pointing out Middleton's "un-pedicured toes".

There were media houses that were kinder to Middleton, by pointing at what a 'lady' she is.