Stepping out into the harsh Delhi summer may at times make you wonder why you chose to live there at all. A quiet serene life in the hills would do you much better you’d think, but there you are anyway.

There's though an undeniable charm to the city, not least from the old, often crumbling, monuments that you find hidden away at unexpected corners, besides the many bigger, well-maintained ones.

The video above, created from stills taken over three months, focuses on the city's historical buildings, the grand architecture of Lutyens' Delhi, public art installations, temples and mosques, with interludes for its busy traffic and metro lines.

The maker Anurag Jetley says on Vimeo that it was “shot over 3 months across 50 locations in the city of Delhi.”

And that it involved a three member crew, who shot “150,000 stills (roughly 9 TB of data).”

That enormous amount of footage has been compressed into this five minute video, showing a city quite distanced from the heat and the dust.