If you thought rage on the streets of India's national capital was bad, well you're right. Not a week goes without the news of some incident turning into violence in Delhi. But this argument from northern China takes the cake. A squabble between construction workers turned into an all-out battle between bulldozers that only ended after two of them flipped over.

Construction workers from firms that are competing for business in Hebei province's Xingtang county apparently got into a squabble, the Guardian reported, prompted them to start attacking each other – with heavy machinery. In scenes right out of video games, the workers driving bulldozers begin ramming into each other, as passengers cars try to drive past.

Eventually two of the bulldozers were flipped over, with the video showing one driver running unhurt out of his toppled machine, which another worker is trying to lift, using another bulldozer. Local police didn't disclose details about arrests or injuries, saying the investigation was ongoing.

The incident is almost a perfect visual illustration of the bad times China's construction sector has run into, after years of high growth. The industry last year slumped to historic lows, having passed its peak, and is now unlikely to recover until 2030.