Mother Nature is marvellous most of the time, but apparently even she scores aesthetic duds when it comes to the looks department. Think, maybem sloths, blobfish, probscocis monkeys, etc.

Now these creatures may not be easy on the eyes, but they are still in need of conservation. The UK based Ugly Animal Preservation Society, a collective of comedians and conservationists, is working on exactly that.

On Wednesday the society put out a list of the world's ugliest endangered animal species. Topping the list, based on the popular vote, is the unfortunately named blobfish, which is also the society’s global mascot.

Next in line, in descending order are the proboscis monkey, the titicaca water frog, the axolotl, and the kakapo.

In the video above put together by National Geographic, you can see – and wonder at – all these creatures.

The society put out a series of videos on the creatures in the running, and the votes were based on the number of likes. You can visit the page here to see the full list.

The society travels around the UK, allowing each county to vote for its own ugly animal mascot. It is, in its own words, "dedicated to raising the profile of some of Mother Nature’s more aesthetically challenged children. The panda gets too much attention".