Board exams are make or break events in one’s life, or that’s what we are told through school. Class X decides what subjects you get to study moving on, and the Class XII Board results? That is the stuff that will make your life. NOT.

While studying for exams and doing well is most people's aspiration, maybe it's not the life and death situation students are often made to believe.

But precisely because exams are such a big deal in our education system, they have become rife with jokes for stand-up comics.

In the video below, Kenny Sebastian stresses on the importance of exams but says, “If you don’t do well in exams, you’ll end up like me.”


Kenny Sebastian

Zakir Khan narrates the elaborate story of restoring his honour with his father after failing in exams, which then is immediately destroyed by a TV commercial. But Khan couldn’t care less about these. He asks the audience who were toppers in school or college, and to those who raise their hands he says, “Tumne bhi kya ukhad liya (turns out you aren’t special little snowflakes either)”.

Zakir Khan

Lily Singh aka Superwoman breaks down why exams, especially taking them, is annoying. She is not talking about exams in India, but they are a globally annoying phenomenon, we can all agree.


Vir Das doesn’t have jokes but a message on how you should be listening to nothing but the voice in your own head, and not letting a mark-sheet tell you who you are.

A video by Put Chutney features different people talking about the bearing of their Class XII Board exam results on their life, which is none at all.


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