With the tragic shootings in Orlando, Florida, the debate on gun control is back in the spotlight. In the US Senate, Democrats launched a filibuster move on the floor aimed at securing gun control legislation.

Despite America having the largest instances of gun violence and massacres in the world, gun lobbyists in the country continue to argue for the right to more guns on the streets and fewer background checks. On Sunday, the day that the Orlando massacre took place, 43 other shootings, leading to 18 deaths and 41 injuries (including at least five children) took place in the United States. To say the US has a gun problem would be a bit of an understatement.

But despite guns increasing the risk of suicide, homicide and unintentional death, over 60 per cent of Americans believe that owning a gun will make them safer. An ad film (video above) made in 2015 tried to get them to think differently.

The video was attacked by prominent gun control lobbyists, one of whom went on to ask for an investigation based on a gun control statute that the gun lobby itself decries. Oh, the irony.

The video below is an ad for, a state-of-the-art website where fugitives can learn which states in America are best to buy, sell and own guns. The best reason to go to Arizona? See the beautiful Grand Canyon and carry a loaded gun without even having to get a background check. Hurrah!