Workers of India's political parties are at it again with their open acts of violence. Except that closed circuit TVs are increasingly catching up with them.

The video above, posted by ANI on Youtube, shows a Shiv Sena leader, identified by the news agency as Praveen Shinde, and an unnamed associate abuse and assault a bank employee. Shinde is a member of the local Zilla Parishad in Yavatmal. What triggered the assault is not known at this point.

Over the last few years, several instances of the hooliganism of members of the Shiv Sena have surfaced.

Earlier this year in February, Shashikant Kalgude, a Shiv Sena party member had slapped and punched a female traffic constable stationed under the Eastern Express Flyover in Thane in Mumbai. Why'd he do it? Because she tried to stop him from using his cell phone while driving.

"When the constable asked him to show his driving licence and vehicle documents, Kalgude started abusing her. He then slapped and punched her so hard that her nose started bleeding," an officer from the Naupada police station had said.

Kalgude had been arrested and spent a day in custody before being produced on court.


In March 2015, a party member assaulted a restaurant owner for allegedly not providing "free vada paos". Sunil Mahadik, an office bearer of the youth wing of the Shiv Sena, hit the owner with a bamboo stick.


In 2014, a Shiv Sena member in New Delhi had force-fed a fasting Muslim employee of Delhi's New Maharashtra Sadan because he and 11 other party members weren't served Maharashtrian food at the venue.