An entire generation of Indians has been born since the single-seat, single-jet, Tejas Light Combat Aircraft began to be developed, back in 1985. Earlier in 2016, in a bid to demonstrate the aircraft's potential, it had been showcased at the Bahrain airshow. The idea for an India-made aircraft was first put forth in the 1970s. Yes, it's been that long.

In the video above, the aircraft, takes to the skies and does multiple flips – perhaps in sheer joy at being finally inducted, .

Here's a close-up of the aircraft.

The two Tejas aircrafts were handed over to the IAF during an induction ceremony and will be part of its first squadron, nicknamed Flying Daggers. Tejas took first flight in 2001 after numerous delays and repeated criticism about the design from the IAF. It was developed by the Government-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

The aircraft has been involved in close to 3,000 tests. The cost of the aircraft ranges from Rs 275 to Rs 300 crore. In 2015, the CAG estimated the development cost of Tejas was close to Rs 13,500 crore.