In June, POTUS Barack Obama slow jammed the news. This time its FLOTUS Michelle Obama's turn to do some singing.

Obama appeared on US variety show The Late Late Show hosted by English comedian James Corden on the show's popular "carpool karaoke" skit where she got the chance to "rock out" in a car for the only the second time in seven-and-a-half years.

The duo sang Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, the official song of Obama's 62 million girls project and Missy Elliot's Get Your Freak On.

Oh and there was time for a Q&A too.

"What you going to miss and what you going to accidentally slip into your bag?" Corden asked.

"I am going to miss the people," was Obama's diplomatic response.

"Not the 24-hour room service?"

At the end, Obama was a little disappointed."I should have given you more facts and figures but singing got in our way," she said.

Most of the other guests have been popular musicians. Here's record-breaking British hitmaker Adele. She sings Nikki Minaj, Spice Girls and some of her own music.


Here's British rocker and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin making an appearance. The falsetto's intact even in the karaoke performance.


It's not just British hitmakers whom Corden hangs out with. Here's Justin Bieber stopping by.


There's even stuff for an older demographic. Here's Elton John who's "still standing after all this time".