Early in July 2016, a video featuring two MMBS students in Chenna throw a dog of a building terrace went viral. The dog, who was feared to have died, was found and named Bhadra. She was reported to have suffered two fractures, and her injured hind legs prevented her from walking. The Chennai Police identified and arrested the men who were released on bail soon after.

Meanwhile, Bhadra was busy recovering from her ordeal. The video above now shows her fully recovered, wagging her tail in joy and playing, with full use of her feet.

The emergence of a string of videos documenting violence against animals has drawn attention to these inhuman acts. In March, Shaktimaan the police horse was injured during a protest march. Fitted with a prosthetic, she died soon after. On July 21, eight boys were detained in Hyderabad after video footage surfaced of them burning three puppies alive.