Game of Thrones is perhaps the most insanely popular show in the past few years, if fandom is taken into account. The Indian Institute of Technology is the preferred educational destination for many Indian parents for their children. Now, the two finally meet.

The video above, made by Prateek Srivastava, a student at IIT Kharagpur, in a re-creation of the legendary opening sequence of Game of Thrones – an animated introduction to his alma mater, the oldest IIT in India. The 2,100-acre campus, which is the largest IIT campus in India, is rendered in 3D using Blender, an open-source computer graphics software and the video was created with just ten nights of work.

Of course, it makes the campus look majestic and epic, but that might have more to do with Ramin Djawadi's theme than with anything else.

We're sure the Game of Thrones influence goes only as far as this video, and not does not bring on the violence and murder the television show is famous for.