The Simpsons, that long-long-long-running US animated show, is known for lampooning figures of pop culture. And with the US presidential race heating up, what better targets than Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump? And who better to decide whom to vote for than one of television's best-known married couples, Homer and Marge Simpson?

The choice is simple, a television news anchor tells the American people. It is all about who you want your 3 am call to the President to be answered by.

"Is it Hillary Clinton?"

But Bill Clinton answers the phone, only to be reminded by Hillary that "it is always going to be me now".

Of course, the Trump segment is way funnier. He's too busy tweeting to answer that emergency call. And before he can show up in the Situation Room, he needs some grooming.

By the end, Homer is convinced of the right person to vote for, prompting Marge to say, "If that's your vote, I question whether I can ever be with you again."

And that's how Homer becomes a Democrat.

The Simpsons have taken on the Trump campaign in a previous episode.


Here's cartoon Trump's appearance on The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert, who calls it a "less cartoonish version" of the real man.


Here's cartoon Hillary Clinton answering questions from Republicans. About the DNC hacking scandal she says, "This is a beautiful question. And it makes me very happy that you asked it of me. It is true that this week didn't start exactly as we planned it since 1998. And now I think everyone agrees this is the time for all of us to come together in unity or solidarity or whatever synonym resonates strongly with you."