Children are not only becoming the victims of destruction caused by ISIS forces but are also being brainwashed into becoming believers of the the Islamic State's ideology. The suicide bomber who killed 51people at a wedding in Turkey was revealed to be between 12 and 14 by President Erdogan.

Now, dramatic footage has emerged showing Iraqi security forces remove a bomb vest from the body of a young boy in Kirkuk on Sunday. The boy was stopped in the street and asked by the forces to remove his Messi football vest, which revealed a bomb underneath.

In the days before the attack, two bombs had gone off in the vicinity, leading to three casualties. The bomb was eventually detonated remotely, making for a chilling visual that recalled the destruction which would have been caused had the suicide bomber reached his intended target.

Children are increasingly being used by terrorist groups across the world. In a recent report Unicef says thousands of children have been abducted in Iraq and estimates that one in five bombings carried out in Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad are done by children.