Tired of being pushed around by the authorities, citizens are increasingly using that potent weapon, the camera phone, to shoot, share and shame the wielders of force.

At 2 am on Sunday, Anand Sachar and his friends, who were standing by the sea near the Gateway of India, Mumbai, were asked to leave by policemen. When they enquired why, it didn’t go down well with the force.

Sachar put up the video above, accompanied with a post on the incident, on Facebook. In the video, one of the policemen can be seen pushing and being rough with Sachar and his friends, though the other appears reasonable and calm, as Sachar’s post confirms.

The policeman's response when the Sachar reluctantly returned to their car and grumbled? "You don't like country? You go to the Pakistan...” Read the full post.

In Mumbai, policemen tend to chase people away from the waterfront at night. If you’re spotted on Marine Drive, at the Gateway, or Carter Road, for instance, by a policeman at 2 in the morning, there’s a really slim chance you won’t be asked to leave.