The Vishwa Hindu Parishad's advice to Gau Rakshaks was, amongst other things, "Don't shoot viral videos". This was after self-proclaimed cow vigilantes across the country attacked people they claimed had killed cows and shot and uploaded videos showing their violence.

"Liquor rakshaks" in Bihar did not pay heed to this advice. The latest such incident of mob violence has taken place in Bihar's Chapra district. This time, there is a new victim – an allegedly illegal liquor trader. The fallout from Bihar CM Nitish Kumar's policy of prohibition has been deep and diverse. A common was that it would simply force the liquor industry underground, as has been the case in Gujarat.

The video above shows locals in Bihar catching a person they believe is an illegal liquor trader. Instead of handing him over to the local police force, they tie him to a tree and beat him with sticks. And, of course, they ensure there's a video.