Although the Dhaka newspaper denied that it had reported that the terrorists behind the bombing in the city were inspired by Indian preacher Zakir Naik, the story spread like wildfire. In the aftermath, Naik was subjected to intense scrutiny and several news stories about the authorities pointing out the spurious nature of the sources of the funding of the Islamic Research Foundation that he runs came to light.

On Saturday, Naik responded to the allegations leveled against him, saying, amongst other things, that the persecution he faced was a "murder of democracy" and a "strangulation of his fundamental rights".

This is ironic considering the fact that Naik's speeches uploaded in their hundreds on video sharing sites often speak out against democracy and the fundamental rights of individuals.

In the video above, the televangelist answers the question, "In many democratic Western countries, they are accepting homosexuality and are pressurising Muslim countries to accept it so how should we reply?"

His response which made fun of the practise of homosexuality, also saw its acceptance in many countries as a failing of democracy.

As far as homosexuality is concerned it is haraam, it is prohibited. Even in the Bible it is written that you should stone the person to death who does homosexuality. Even Islam is against homosexuality. That's the reason in Islam we believe in haq. We don't believe in democracy. Democracy means majority wins.