The young Indian cartoonist Mir Suhail has a large following amongst the youth in his home state of Kashmir. Inspired by Charlie Chaplin's famous statement – "To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!" – Suhail uses his political cartoons to explore the situation in his home state. It was his cartoon skewering the Indian media’s coverage of Nepal during the earthquake in 2015 that brought mainstream fame to the 27-year-old cartoonist.

The video above collects Suhail's depictions of how many festivals in Kashmir are celebrated under a constant state of military occupation, with comparisons to how the same festivals would be celebrated in the rest of the country.

While his hard-hitting and darkly humorous cartoons have won him a large number of followers, Suhail has also faced censorship in the past.

In February, Facebook removed a cartoon he had posted about Afzal Guru.

Here's a selection of his most recent cartoons, posted to his twitter account, about the prevailing situation in Kashmir.