One of the most polarising issues about Donald Trump's campaign to become President of the United States is his orange-coloured hairdo.

The news website Gawker produced a (very) long investigation into whether or not Trump had a very expensive hair weave. The Republican nominee, normally sporting about any jabs related to his hair, wasn't too happy about this and sent a legal notice asking for the article to be removed and a public apology, threatening legal action.

In the past, Trump has asked a member of the audience at a rally to come and check whether his hair was real or a toupee.

In the latest of Trump's hair-related incidents, talk show host Jimmy Fallon asked the possible future American president if they could something that wasn't "presidential", something they could do as civilians.

Last year, when Trump was Time magazine's man of the year, the cover had Trump posing with a bald eagle, who didn't seem to appreciative of the tycoon's hairdo.