Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, stands high at 2,722 feet – it took thousands of workers to put in long hours over a period of five years and $1.5 billion to build the magnificent structure in 2010.

Add some more time, $, workers, and imagination – and you have a building that becomes the world’s largest LED screen. The video above explores how difficult it was to get to the task at hand. Burj Khalifa’s director of technical services Bashar Kassab explains, “One of the challenges we had was limited access points to reach the exterior of the façade, so we had to open some portions.”

The team had to navigate tricky terrain, crawling through extremely small openings in the façade, working thousands of feet above the ground – undeterred by the risks involved. From sandstorms to rain and strong gusts of wind, there was nothing the crew didn’t have to deal with and overcome to complete the project.

The final result is quite extraordinary – the building showcases kaleidoscopic visuals in the evenings, dazzling scores of visitors.