The 2016 US Presidential debate, or the "most-watched episode of WWE's Monday Night Raw" – in The Daily Show host Trevor Noah's words – concluded on Monday night, US time, and sparked furious analysis. But while most parts of media decide to tackle the debate in a serious way and even fact check the claims made by the candidates, Noah decided to take the comedy route, knowing the gold that anything Trump was involved with would provide.

Noah dug into the numerous inconsistencies of Trump's rhetoric and coined a new phrase – Truth Trumps, the moments where Trump is unable to hide his honest feelings and reveals the true man within.

I have had good relations with the African American community for the last little while. 

The taxes? — I cheat. 

I don't do negative advertisements to save money. (not because it is bad to do them).

And of course, the debate wasn't without its fair share of Trump lies. "No wonder you have been fighting ISIS your entire adult life, " Trump told Clinton at one point in the debate. Noah fact-checked this. "ISIS has been around since 2004, that would make Hilary 26 years old? And she can't be 26 because Donald Trump wasn't hitting on her – I don't understand."

Referring to Trump's frequent references to property he owned, Noah said,"The only way Donald Trump can relate to any issue in America is if he has a property in that place. Donald Trump relates to America like he's playing a game of Monopoly."

But what offended Noah the most was Trump's derogatory reference to third world countries, “Our airports are nicer than yours, Donald Trump,” the South African host said. “Don’t bring Third World countries into this shit, you hear me?”

Trump was sniffing a lot in this debate

Why was he sniffing so much? Noah had the answer. "Because he was sniffing all the bullshit that he was saying."

Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert, the host of the The Late Show, provided his take entirely in GIFs.