Over the last seven years, nearly a third of South Africa's elephant population has vanished owing to poaching. Three rhinos are killed every day, meaning that only 5,000 of the one-horned animals remain in South Africa, which is seen as its "custodian".

Conservationists are resorting to desperate measures to stem this poaching. In May, they cut off the rhinos' horns to prevent them for being killed for them.

There's another way this poaching is being combated. Since 2013, an academy in the country has been training dogs to prevent further poaching incidents. One of the dogs that was trained at the academy caught 150 poachers.

Now, the dogs are being trained to skydive. Helicopters scour the area looking for poachers and the dogs are being trained to jump from the sky, literally, so that they can go after the criminals faster. Giant, one of the members of the anti-poaching squads, apparently became one of the first dogs to sky dive recently.

Here's another video of the academy that shows the kind of rigorous training the dogs have to undergo.