Given a choice, would you want to live in an isolated spot far away from civilisation? Quite a few people are doing exactly that, shunning their lives in the cities for unusual locations to call home.

The video above, from Great Big Story, explores a few of these intriguing homes. Bruce Campbell lives in a plane and is very happy about it. His choice of residence feels "completely natural" to him, never mind what others say.

The retractable stairs let him keep his home safe whenever he leaves for a long period. Fully-equipped, his aircraft home has everything he needs – from a primitive shower and a functional toilet to a huge living space. His bed is a futon sofa and he even has a work bench dedicated to embellishing elements from the plane.

Campbell wonders why we break up planes – such huge structures that are the size of homes – adding that if an extra-terrestrial observes us, it’ll wonder "whether this species has it all its marbles in place or not".

There’s more. An artistic couple, Catherine King and Wayne Adams, lives in a secluded area on Vancouver Island. There’s no access by road to their home – it can only be reached by getting into the water. They themselves are tied to the shore with lines. “The water is our highway,” Adams says.

There are also people who’ve moved to an underground town in Australia. Coober Pedy has everything you could imagine – from five churches to underground motels, and more. Andy Sheils, who lives underground, insists that even though they’re so far away, geographically, from everything, he’s not sure why but they all love the place to bits.

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