This is staffers at The Daily Show talking about the second Donald Trump vs Hilary Clinton debate before it happened.

“I can’t wait to watch the TV show tonight about the robot vs the evil man.

Oh, Westworld.

No, the debate.

What are the chances that the description I gave match multiple television shows that air simultaneously tonight?”

The second US Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was strange even by Trump's constantly falling standards. Candidates said they would put their opponents in jail if they came to power. Inadvertently, one television channel that aired the debate gave a similar kind of disclaimer.

While the jury is out on who won the debate, both candidates believed that they had won it.

Because Trump's expertise lies in making bombastic claims without worrying about whether they are true or not, it has been a nightmare for fact checkers.

Meanwhile, YouTube bloggers suggested they wanted to be more like Donald Trump so they could win the US Presidential elections.