No one can stop watching it. And it doesn't feature cats or women wearing viral masks. It has great dancing that seems inspired by Hollywood films like Dirty Dancing and Flashdance. It is set to a lovely song, although, given the athleticism of the dancers on display, it almost doesn't matter.

The song, Neeye, has been composed by Phani Kalyan and the music video has been directed by cinematographer Gomtesh Upadhye because "no one makes music videos anymore" and "we want to revive the trend". Upadhye also wrote a short story for the track, which the acrobatic dancers enact through their dancing.

The video tells the story of two dancers, who initially are unable to connect and perform properly, but eventually fall in love and come together because of dance.

Entirely crowdfunded, the song has been recorded in Kannada, Tamil and Telugu and shot in and around the city of Bengaluru. The dancers rehearsed for five months before the music video was made.