Everyone can shoot a selfie. How many can make their selfie look like a Van Gogh painting?

Everyone, actually, if they use the technology loosely called style transfer. According to a new video by Nat and Lo – who work on understanding technology and its impact on everyday living – this is where Artificial Intelligence comes in, via deep neural networks. These algorithms are used to mix features from two images.

As the video shows, the picture of a dog, if worked upon with a Van Gogh style transfer, will produce a completely new image with one major characteristic. It’ll resemble the style of Starry Night, one of the painter’s most celebrated works.

Interestingly, these neural networks are based on the structure of our brains, and are a crucial part of Artificial Intelligence projects. What the AI will do is to take the content from your original selfie, the style used by your chosen painter, and marry the two.

At least no one can say selfies are signs of low intelligence anymore.