In March 2016, stand up comic Aditi Mittal release a hilarious video that ripped apart sanitary pad advertising and its treatment in everyday life: "I have realised that saying the word sanitary napkins in public is like standing in a Hogwarts common room and saying, 'Voldemort.'"

This time, she's back with an equally funny take on our culture's attitudes towards breasts and the highs and lows of shopping for bras.

Mittal begins with some talk about etymology. "Breasts pay rent, breasts do networking, breasts drink wine...tits take money from their dad."

There is the suggestion of a massive conspiracy: "And I remember the first time I noticed breasts, breasts are basically a large conspiracy to keep the safety-pin industry functioning."

It's not just laugh-out-loud funny but it's also for a good cause – breast cancer awareness month.

"I think we spend more time and money wondering what happens on the outside of our tits...breasts, than what happens on the inside. Like it worries me to think that the time a woman finds out she has a lump in her breasts is where she spends 40 minutes on the train, where after someone has groped her for 20 minutes and been like, 'Maza aaya madam, but there might be a lump, you should go check it out...' My advice to you ladies, is touch yourself. Once every six months touch yourself."