While Presidential candidate Donald Trump was addressing a full house in Nevada, a sudden interruption led to Secret Service agents swiftly moving into action and whisking him away to safety as he ducked his head.

According to a spokesperson for the Secret Service, an “unidentified individual” yelled “gun” which led to a commotion and confusion. Several supporters claimed that they heard someone yell, "he's got a gun."

However, a search revealed nothing and it was confirmed that there were no weapons around.

The intervention led by the agents, however, did cause fear among members in the crowd as they swooped in to detain a man.

After the hullabaloo subsided, Trump got back onstage and continued with his speech. “Nobody said it was going to be easy for us, but we will never be stopped. We will never be stopped. I want to thank the Secret Service. These guys are fantastic," he said.