Being blind means being subjected to numerous questions, and Tommy Edison, who is blind, gets enough questions to run a YouTube channel. He tackles all kinds of questions in a good-natured manner, sprinkled with dashes of humour.

In the past, he’s been asked questions like: How do blind people use ATMs or paper money?

His latest video looks at one major question: Do blind people have heightened senses? Is it true that those who cannot see can hear better, for instance, as some form of compensation?

Edison is very quick to dismiss this before he goes on to carefully explain with detailed examples. He says that because sight as a distraction doesn’t exist for him, he has to rely more on his other senses, like his sense of smell or his hearing, to discern what’s happening around him. He has managed to hone his senses in because that’s a necessity for him. But it doesn’t mean those senses are better.

In a fun segment, he explains how he avoids certain food items – by rejecting whatever feels weird to touch or smell. On spaghetti, he says, “I won’t put that in my mouth. It just feels so strange.”

Edison ends the video by encouraging his viewers to try grabbing something from the refrigerator to drink without looking. He says he really wants to know what it feels like from other people and adds, “Just be careful. I don’t want anybody suing me over this.”