“It bought me fruit it bought me veggies fresh from the cart
It bought me fish for maccher jhol but now we have to part”

It isn’t easy to see the funny side of demonetisation, but YouTube star Sawan Dutta tries to make light of it.

The video-blogger is known to laugh at icons of everyday Bengali life with her unique musical recipes and commentary. Her past videos have included takes on maccher jhol, Boroline and the monkey cap. This time, it’s an ode to something that is on the mind of the whole country – the Rs 500 note which “was a good friend, until the end, no doubt.”

In this tune which is easy to hum along to, Dutta sings of all the things the old Rs 500 note had helped her buy. But there’s no room for nostalgia here. “Goodbye my friend, this is the end, you are headed for the bin.”