Kanye West decided that his Sacramento concert on Saturday was the right place to vent his frustrations as he went on a long rant before walking off the stage and bringing the event to an abrupt halt.

Fans booed and expressed frustration at the singer’s behaviour. He turned up 90 minutes late and saw it fit to only perform two songs before starting a rant peppered with abuse.

West spoke about corporate radio, tech giants like Google and Facebook, hip-hop star Jay-Z and Beyoncé while insisting that the latter resorted to dirty measures to win MTV’s Video of the Year award.

He also felt the need to include politics in his tirade, mocking Hillary Clinton. He told his audience that they found it difficult to believe Clinton had lost “’cause you was lied to by Google. You was lied to by Mark Zuckerberg.”

As West ended the concert, he was greeted by angry boos and curse words. The singer is visibly frustrated these days, as it turns out. He went on lengthy breaks during his November 17 San José gig as well, expressing his views on topics like race and politics, and offering his support to Donald Trump.