Ice skating is known for being a beautiful, graceful sport that occasionally hinges on the dramatic. Sometimes, this drama goes a little too far.

Russian Olympic ice skater Tatiana Navka recently appeared on the Russian reality television show Ice Age. The performance has since sparked controversy on social media because Navka was attired in Holocaust-era prison costumes, replete with yellow Star of David patches.

More attention has been drawn to it because Navka is the wife of Vladimir Putin’s top spokesman, Dmitry Peskov. The performance was set to the theme from Italy’s Life is Beautiful, which is a film about the holocaust.

Recently, one off Putin’s spokespersons had controversially suggested that Donald Trump’s victory in the US Elections was the result of a “Jewish conspiracy”.

Somewhat strangely, given the course of history, this is not the only time that a reality television show in Russia has invoked Nazi Germany. One episode of the country’s version of Dancing with the Stars featured a Nazi officer searching for a Jewish girl.