One of the more uncomfortable aspects of travelling by Indian Railways, apart from the incessant delays, is the somewhat inadequate sanitary facilities. The experience of using them provides great fodder for humour, which is exactly what comic artist Naveen Richard is talking about in his latest video.

The Mumbai-based comedian has got it all covered in the three-minute video, and goes into all the gory details, perhaps too much in depth.

There are astute observations about the two separate latches on the toilet door. “People go inside and forget to use the latch that really matters.” And the steel mug attached to the chain that makes one commend the thoughtfulness of the Indian Railways until push comes to shove and it is too late and the mug will not reach where it is supposed to.

But what recourse does the unsuspecting railway passenger have, for when “you have nothing better to do, all you do is eat on the train.”