Stand-up comedian Vir Das in his latest “potcast” has chosen to go beyond the usual rants on lack of freedom of speech. Instead, he asks why no questions can be asked any more, so far as online trolls are concerned.

The tolls’ strategy? “We answer your question with another question!”

Addressing them directly, Das says, “Your support of a leader doesn’t make you more privileged in any way – he is my leader as much as he is your leader.”

Says Das, “If as a citizen if I get such hatred and backlash for asking small questions, how will I ask the big questions?’

Das has been one of the most outspoken critics of some government policies, and of the online army of supporters of the present administration. Here he points out that both those critics and he are at the receiving end of bad policies – they’re standing in the same queues at ATMs, and they might as well make the wait “a lot more entertaining” by having a real conversation.

“Because I have questions, and I’m not stopping anytime soon.”

‘Why don’t you ask some questions yourself?”

“That guy who you voted for, love, idolise, worship, is in power. You are not.”