While people living south of the Equator can heave a sigh of relief, those in countries like the US, Germany, Russia, China and, yes, India are much closer to a nuclear bomb than they realise.

A new video from RealLifeLore looks at nuclear bombs stowed away in different parts of the world. We’re talking major cities and scary facts. For example, there are bombs in 10 states in the US, very close to major cities such as Seattle, Washington (18 miles) or Denver, Colorado (77 miles). Albuquerque, New Mexico even has a facility within its city limits.

Europe has nuclear bombs all over the place and major cities like London, Venice, Milan and Rotterdarm are all within 50 miles of one. In Asia, China, India, Pakistan and North Korea all have nukes. Nobody knows exactly where the latter has stashed away its nuclear bombs but it is estimated that it has between 15 and 22 of them, and that some of them are close to South Korea, whose capital Seoul is only 35 miles south of the North Korean border.

The scariest fact of them all? Lost nuclear bombs are a real thing, and no one is quite sure where they are currently. While Russia and the US have both lost over 50 bombs, some hope a few of them are at the bottom of the ocean. However, others may have landed undetonated near human habitation and haven’t been found yet.