From controversial cabinet picks to unexpected casual phone calls to foreign leaders coupled with tweets meant to take down critics and offer an explanation of controversial decisions, US President-elect Donald Trump has had a lot on his plate. All that has been inspiration for the latest episode of the US comedy show Saturday Night Live.

The December 3 Cold Open, or teaser, focuses on Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, as he retweets absolutely random picks instead of paying attention to security briefings.

As it turns out, all the tweets that crop up in the episode are actually real.

Kate McKinnon plays Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s former campaign manager, who suggests at one point in the show that he is turning to Twitter to divert the attention of the media from major issues. He shrugs and offers, “My brain is bad.”

McKinnon’s Conway wonders whether he meant “drain the swamp” and “build that wall”, to which Trump responds, “No, that’s too many things. Just smush ‘em together.”

The real Trump did not take too kindly to the sketch and, ironically, chose to respond with a tweet.