A new video from the YouTube account, Casually Explained offers a fun explainer on the infinite possibilities the future could hold for our species.

The video points out that many people tend to get ahead of themselves while projecting what the future is likely to hold. The narrator suggests an easy technique to ascertain what is most likely to come true. “Check when [investor and inventor] Elon Musk says it will happen on Twitter, and it’s not that,” says the narrator.

He then turns his attention to specifics like driverless cars. He reckons autonomous cars will be fully functional and publicly available in the next 10 years, adding “but not where you live”.

The narrator predicts humans will “in the next 25 years hopefully see humans land on Mars for the very first time or at the very least see a return trip around its orbit”.

He suggests other gems such as Apple releasing the new iPhone X, “a solid block of featureless aluminium”, and refers to a Google singularity that absorbs all of its employees “into a super sentient AI [artificial intelligence] that governs the new world”.

The world will be a very different place in 100 years, says the narrator, not because of the new inventions in place, but because of the absence of familiar things like landlines, network television and...Antarctica.

“Renewable will be our primary source of energy because everything else will be gone,” he predicts. “But that’s ok because we’ll probably have a bustling colony on mars that we can go and join anytime...if you had more money.” Ouch.

Towards the end of the video, the narrator says in 1,000 years from now, humans could be doing anything – living inside a simulation or exploring intergalactic space. There’s only one problem. We’ll all be dead.