Two Swedish freestyle skiers Jesper Tjader and Emma Dahlstrom, who participated in the 2014 Winter Olympics, have pursued the sport since they were children. They’ve spent years perfecting their skills and learning all kinds of tricks on the slopes.

In August, they decided to try out a different surface: the massive sand dunes in Cerro Blanco in Peru.

Skiing on sand dunes is slower than on snow, of course, and practitioners must tilt a little more to the back. Besides, the experience can be fleeting unless the slope is really long. But the duo loved it. Said Dahlstorm on her Facebook page: “This was an adventure I could only dream about.”

The video, posted on the YouTube account of the GoPro camera company, shows Tjader and Dahlstrom braving a rough trek up the dune before setting off on their skiing journey, equipment in place and cameras attached.

“I express myself through skiing,” Tjader said. “In Sweden, we don’t really talk to people we don’t know. I was really shy in the beginning. But now, the best thing about skiing for me is to travel and see a lot of new cultures, people and make a lot of new friends.”